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Mosquitoes are a real threat to the comfort and health of your family as well as guests. The itchy welts from their bites aren’t the only issue to worry about – mosquitoes have the potential to carry disease. When playing in the backyard or relaxing in outdoor living spaces, ensure everyone is comfortable and safe – our mosquito treatment services work to rid your home’s outdoor areas of these pests and help you regain control.

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Why You Need Mosquito Treatment:

  • Customized Treatment Plans

    Stop the spread of dangerous viruses

  • Pests

    Protect your family’s health and safety

  • Appointments

    Improve comfort in outdoor spaces

  • Pest Experts

    All-day pest protection

  • No Bug

    No lost outdoor time with application & use

  • Work

    No dangerous chemicals used

Why Choose Pest Control Now:

  • Fair price

    Targeted control of mature pests and larvae

  • Employees

    Professional pest control providers

  • Prompt

    Safe for all people, pets, and plants

  • Customer Experience

    A more environmentally friendly solution

  • Work

    Non-invasive treatment options

  • Pricing

    Low-maintenance pest control equipment

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How Does Mosquito Treatment Work?

Harmful chemicals associated with pest control are a serious concern for Southcentral California homeowners, especially those with young children and pets in their household. Our mosquito treatment process does not involve the widespread application of chemicals across your property, which are shown to be limited in efficacy for mosquito treatment while having negative impacts on other organisms. There is no risk to you or your loved ones during and after treatment. Pest Control Now uses specialized mosquito traps that are proven to attract and trap mosquitoes, kill mosquito larvae, and stop the transmission of related diseases. These durable traps are installed at mosquito breeding sites, and attract the pests with water and odor lure.

How do the traps work?

Once inside the trap, mosquitoes make contact with a layer of gauze treated with larvicide and fungus. This is picked up by the pest’s legs and transported to breeding sites via the mosquito. The larvicide works to kill larvae at the breeding site while the insect-specific fungus kills the adult mosquito. The minimal amounts of larvicide transported to breeding sites are effective in controlling mosquito population without posing a risk to other organisms, such as fish or wildlife.

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