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Are Rodents Wreaking Havoc in Your Southcentral California Home?

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A rodent infestation poses serious problems for California homeowners. Mice, rats, and other critters carry disease, damage your home, and disrupt your home life. These rodents are not just a problem in main dwellings, but garages, barns, sheds, and other structures on your property. Eliminate infestations and keep these pests from coming back with Rodent Control Services – we remove rodents and take action to prevent their return.

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Rodent Control

  • Remove live rodent infestations

    Remove live rodent infestations

  • Eliminate points of entry

    Eliminate points of entry

  • Resolve issues attracting rodents

    Resolve issues attracting rodents

  • Protect your home from damage

    Protect your home from damage

  • Stop the risk of bites and disease

    Stop the risk of bites and disease

  • Keep your home clean and safe

    Keep your home clean and safe

Targeted Services

  • Integrated rodent management

    Integrated rodent management

  • We find the sources behind your infestation

    We find the sources behind your infestation

  • Rodent elimination and prevention

    Rodent elimination and prevention

  • Professional pest control providers

    Professional pest control providers

  • Solutions designed for your home’s needs

    Solutions designed for your home’s needs

  • Accurate rodent identification

    Accurate rodent identification

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Our Rodent Control Services

A rodent infestation is frightening for some homeowners, as these critters can really catch you off guard. What’s worse about their presence is the associated risk of spreading disease to your family and pets, cause further health issues, and their ability to cause significant home damage. Our rodent control services take immediate action to eliminate rodent infestations and provide the prevention you need to stop their return. Rodent removal services identify the severity of a rodent infestation, target their nesting areas and points of entry, and use tested methods to remove and control rodent population. Once an active infestation is controlled, Pest Control Now works to keep your home and family safe and free of vermin. We utilize effective rodent repellents with safe application to stop their return. Identified points of entry are corrected to cut off rodent access into your home.

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