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Are Termites Tearing Up Your Home?

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Termites are a pest you definitely do not want in your Southcentral California home. When not caught and treated early on, they have the potential to cause extensive damage to your home’s structure, creating potential safety issues not to mention the need for expensive repairs. Protect your home’s wood structure and other features against these difficult insects – Pest Control Now offers termite inspections and treatment to protect your investment.

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Treat Termites Now To:

  • Treat your home & surrounding areas

    Treat your home & surrounding areas

  • Stop termite damage before it’s too late

    Stop termite damage before it’s too late

  • Prevent major termite infestations

    Prevent major termite infestations

  • Avoid extensive wood damage

    Avoid extensive wood damage

  • Save money on damage repairs

    Save money on damage repairs

  • Improve the safety & value of your home

    Improve the safety & value of your home

Services Include:

  • Termite inspections

    Termite inspections

  • Treatment for active infestations

    Treatment for active infestations

  • Preventative treatments for protection

    Preventative treatments for protection

  • Recurring treatments to prevent reinfestation

    Recurring treatments to prevent reinfestation

  • Baiting & liquid treatments

    Baiting & liquid treatments

  • Professional pest control technicians

    Professional pest control technicians

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Professional Pest Control Rids Your Home of Termites

Termite damage is no joke – these pests cause around $5 billion in damage each year across the U.S. One termite colony can include over a million individual insects, with the potential to consume over 100 pounds of wood in a year. No matter your position, Pest Control Now takes action to protect your household against these pests. Termite treatments address prevention, active infestations, and mitigating the risk of recurrence. When building a new home, pre-treating for termite control is a wise investment to prevent pest problems once construction is complete. Preventative treatments are also performed in existing residences. Termite inspections identify active termite infestations so treatment can be carried out to prevent further damage. The home as well as surrounding areas are treated to kill live insects and prevent growth. Once you’ve had a termite infestation, annual inspections are a must and future treatment is necessary approximately every 10 years.

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